Walk it Out Stories | Katherine Reay

I’m delighted to be a part of Tricia’s work with Walk It Out. She writes so many truths within her book. One resonated with me and that is what I’d like share here: You never know what God has in store. Simply trust him. In December 2008, I was severely injured. For a time, slowly moving from my bed to an armchair then back to bed was the most I did in a day. I could not define myself as {Read More}

Podcast: Living Inspired: Stasi Eldredge | Katherine Reay

Living Inspired ~ Thursday 3CT (1/2/13) To listen to the interview: go here and click on the player in the upper right corner of the screen.  This week on Living Inspired, please welcome the author of  Becoming Myself: Embracing God’s Dream of You (David C. Cook, 2013), Stasi Eldredge  and author of Dear Mr. Knightley (Thomas Nelson, 2013) Katherine Reay. If you’re reading this after 1/2/13 you’ll be able to find this show . . . and all my shows in the {Read More}

My Writing Desk | Katherine Reay

Ahh . . . the desk. Rather than clean it, here it is in all its glory. We’ll start from the big computer screen, front and back, and fully lit. My parents gave me that for Christmas last year, and I love it. To its left you see my laptop that is plugged into it, which is slightly obscuring a polka dot pig lamp. Every one should have a polka dot pig lamp complete with multicolor boa. It makes me {Read More}

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