A New Family Favorite (& Giveaway!)

A New Family Favorite We have no less than a dozen Bible story books and our kids love to read them. Bella, Casey and Alyssa were excited when the Treasury of Bible Stories arrived. And they were even more excited when I started to read. Rhyming books are always fun. We love Dr. Suess and we love rhymes. What a joy to find a Bible Story book with fun rhymes that catch a child’s interest! There are twenty stories in {Read More}

Don’t Miss Your Kids in All Your “God Projects”

Don’t Miss Your Kids in All Your “God Projects”   I’m a project person. I like lists to check off and gold stars (even if they are imagined) placed on my jobs that are well done. As an author I like to type “The End”at the completion of my novels. As a Teen MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) leader, I like getting into my car after a meeting and letting out a contented sigh, knowing the speaker’s message touched a great {Read More}

Family Volunteering: Tips & Tricks

  Family Volunteering: Tips & Tricks Give back. Together. You know the old saying, “It is better to give than receive.” For many families the best gifts they can give is the gift of themselves … through volunteering. Family volunteering has been an interest to homeschooling advocates for years. Raymond and Dorothy Moore recommend an hour a day of home or community service. Can you imagine how your family (homeschooling or not) could impact the community by volunteering an hour {Read More}

6 Ways to Find Joy in Your Day {Printable!}

6 Ways to Find Joy in Your Day {Printable!} As a homeschooling mom I’ve had kids at home for 25 years. This means noisy days, busy days, and these-kids-are-giving-me-a-headache days. With three little ones I’m looking at another 15 years of homeschooling and having kids at home. Does that seem overwhelming? It would have been if I hadn’t discovered something amazing: JOY! Over the last year God has been speaking to my heart and encouraging me to find joy in everyday living. {Read More}

In the World, Not of It: The Christian Bubble

In the World, Not of It: The Christian Bubble   When we moved to Little Rock in 2010, I knew it would be easy to slip into the Bible Belt bubble. My husband’s job was with a Christian organization (FamilyLife), so surrounding ourselves with like-minded friends would be easy. Big, beautiful churches are within a few miles of our home, and I knew we could make great friends at church, too. But is that all life is about—to be surrounding {Read More}

10 Ways to Ruin Your Kids Forever

10 Ways to Ruin Your Kids Forever There are all types of lists for parents. If you want a list to ruin your kids forever, here’s a list for you. 1. Give your kid everything he wants. Don’t deny what will truly make him happy. Overvalue money and things in his eyes. 2. Dress your child in designer clothes, no matter the cost. Show her that her outward appearance matters most of all. 3. Place your child’s needs over that {Read More}

Exciting News from the Odyssey Adventure Club

I loved writing Whit’s End Mealtime Devotions last year for Focus on the Family and getting to know the Adventures in Odyssey folks. If you and your kids are faithful fans, here’s an amazing opportunity from the Odyssey Adventure Club! If you start your new membership during the month of January, you’ll receive some extra charter member benefits: Special Code for DEEPER DISCOUNTS on resources Autographed OAC poster signed by your favorite Odyssey Adventure Club actors Numbered Charter Member Certificate Charter {Read More}

My Christmas Wish List | 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Day 9

When I was in high school, I had two friends from church who told me they got everything on their Christmas list. EVERYTHING. What did a “cool” Christmas list look like in 1986? I don’t remember their whole list, but here are a few things I remember: a waterbed (they were cool back then) new Jordache jeans (all the rage) a VCR (yes, the old tape kind) the soundtrack for Pretty in Pink (on cassette) I remember being jealous when {Read More}

Young Mom, It’s Time to Create Happy Memories

What do you remember most about being a kid? What were your favorite memories? Just because you’re a teen mom doesn’t mean life always has to be filled with conflict and struggles. You are the only mom your child has, and it’s up to you to make great memories. Make your child’s memories great! Here are 10 easy tips from @TriciaGoyer: Click To Tweet How do you do that? To get an idea of what things will mean the most {Read More}

Love Your Work, Love Your Kids

As I wrote this, I was heading to Idaho to hang out with ten other novelists for three days to plot and pray. I was looking forward to three full days to connect with friends. And (I will admit) three full days without having to change diapers, do time-outs, or pick up piles of toys. I love being a mom of six—don’t get me wrong—but it’s exhausting work! There are days when I wish I had the house to myself {Read More}

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