#WALKITOUT 006: Ken Blanchard

In today’s episode we’re chatting with Dr. Ken Blanchard. Few people have influenced the day-to-day management of people and companies more than Ken Blanchard. A prominent, sought-after author, speaker, and business consultant, Dr. Blanchard is universally characterized by his friends, colleagues, and clients as one of the most insightful, powerful, and compassionate individuals in business today. Ken is one of the most influential leadership experts in the world and is respected for his years of groundbreaking work in the fields {Read More}

Video Encouragement: Lead Your Family Like Jesus

Video Encouragement: Lead Your Family Like Jesus   Happy Saturday! Here’s a collection of my favorites from my ‘Lead Your Family Like Jesus’ video series based on the book I wrote with Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges. Make Every Day Count Showing Servant Leadership with Tricia Goyer Showing Sacrifice Here’s some video encouragement for your Saturday! @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet Let’s play a game! My book The Kissing Bridge is a featured item in Barnes & Noble through August 18th! Next time {Read More}

When Your Child Makes a Costly Mistake

When Your Child Makes a Costly Mistake   When it comes to parenting, what’s more important God or money? It may be easy to say “God” until our kids make a costly mistake . . . it’s then our true colors come out. It happened to us just a year or so ago. Our teenage daughter was right behind us in her car, driving home from church, when we received a phone call. She’d been cresting a hill just five {Read More}

Lead Your Family Like Jesus DVD Curriculum: Sneak Peek

If you’re going to be my friend, you need to know a few things. I remember everything. For example like the story my friend Marie told me about her first week of dating, and how she was hospitalized, and how her not-yet boyfriend took care of her while she had the flu. Stories like that make it into my books. I confess my shortcomings . . . and sometimes yours. For example I’ve written often about how I kept arm’s {Read More}

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