It’s Time to Get Creative, Mom.

  It’s Time to Get Creative, Mom. As a writer, I know all about creativity. I know how essential it is. I know how fun it can be. I also know what it’s like to be at a loss for creativity. Even as a mom, creativity is important. Combine the needed creativity for being both a mom and a writer . . . well, it’s tough to come by. When there are people and paperwork and piles to manage… When {Read More}

3 Ways to Embrace Messy Days

3 Ways to Embrace Messy Days I don’t know about you, but I was a messy child and teen. Growing up, my room could have been considered a danger zone. It was hard to walk through it without tripping on stuff. Clothes, books, and shoes were strewn everywhere. My mom would ask me to clean my room over and over again, and then—when she couldn’t take it any more—she’d clean it for me. She’d also repeat the same thing each {Read More}

6 Ways to Find Joy in Your Day {Printable!}

6 Ways to Find Joy in Your Day {Printable!} As a homeschooling mom I’ve had kids at home for 25 years. This means noisy days, busy days, and these-kids-are-giving-me-a-headache days. With three little ones I’m looking at another 15 years of homeschooling and having kids at home. Does that seem overwhelming? It would have been if I hadn’t discovered something amazing: JOY! Over the last year God has been speaking to my heart and encouraging me to find joy in everyday living. {Read More}

How Motherhood has Stretched Me

Motherhood has stretched me . . . and I’m not just talking about the marks that my polka-dot bathing suit fails to hide. (With each child’s birth, my hips and thighs expanded along with my heart!) Although my physical body has changed since I’ve had children, my mental, emotional, and spiritual shape have been transformed even more. I think like a mom, have a mom’s heart . . . and my ears are now tuned to K-MOM frequency. While everyone {Read More}

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