My son taught me to be brave

I should have guessed my son Nathan was going to be a writer when he’d sit with his plastic dinosaurs for two hours, just making up stories in his head. He was The. Easiest. Kid. Ever. Now I know it was because God gave him a great imagination. Thanks God! A few years ago Nathan started writing a novel. I told him to finish it, and I’d help edit it. He did, and I did. And it was really good! {Read More}

How to Find Joy When Your Life No Longer Seems Like Your Own

So this week my family had 20+ appointments. I wish I was joking. Five kids have three days of therapy, an appointment each day. One daughter had a tooth pulled and a cavity filled. Four kids had their yearly eye appointments. And, finally, two more kids had doctor’s appointments. I suppose when you have seven kids at home that’s to be expected. They all need check ups. And, even though we knew that most of them had physical and learning {Read More}

How God Changes Us As Moms

Are there things about being a mom that you’d like to change? Do you lose your temper? Do you struggle with putting down your phone and just focusing on your kids? Do you wish you can be more joyful, even in the small things? The bad news is that as moms we often feel guilty when we try and try to change but it doesn’t happen quickly or easily. The good news is this isn’t a battle we have to {Read More}

Hope for the Mom Who Feels Unremarkable {+ a giveaway!}

I am the mother of eight children, something that feels very normal and unimpressive to me, but usually elicits a response of shock and awe in people I meet. I feel largely unremarkable. You, too? In all these years of mothering, there have been joyful, wonderful, absolutely fun days, and there have been hopeless, depressing, despairing, and desperate days when I wanted to stay crouched beneath the covers and not have to face all of those little and not-so-little people {Read More}

5 Things to Do When the Kids Are Driving You Crazy

Most days I have at least one moment of wondering what God was thinking when He gave me these amazing kids.  I trust Him, I do, but I sure do feel stretched through this mom gig.  It’s wonderful and fulfilling one moment and defeating the next. The ups and downs and all arounds can make me feel like I am losing my mind.  I mean HOW can one person lose their shoes three times a day?!  And WHY do we {Read More}

Living the Impossible Life {by Marlo Schalesky}

It was another impossible day in my normally impossible life. I woke to Jayden’s blood glucose monitor shrilly announcing a low blood sugar, one twin fiercely arguing with the four-year-old about a pencil, the bunnies escaped from their cages and running rampant (and leaving little round “signs” of where they’d been) all over the room, and one ten-year-old shouting about the Warriors shirt she just had to wear to school today, but of course, could not find. I should have {Read More}

Waiting Well {by Marlo Schalesky}

As a mother of six kids I’ve learned the importance of waiting well. Waiting for them to put on their shoes, waiting for them to find their shoes, waiting for rooms to be cleaned and homework to be finished. But most of all waiting for them to become the people God created them to be. That wait is the hardest of all. I was reminded of that a few years ago when my oldest daughter broke a cabinet door. Of {Read More}

5 Messages to Encourage Another Young Mother

I’ve seen the discouragement in her eyes—the weariness too—at church, in my neighborhood, and even at the grocery store. I remember the days of being a young mom with kids in the house. I see the mommy-guilt in her eyes. I see the weariness. I see her struggling and questioning her purpose. How did I ever think I could do this . . . and do this well? she asks. As a mom of 10 kids with 27 years of {Read More}

10 Ways to Nourish Your Creative Soul + Printable & Giveaway {by Sarah Humphrey}

Mother’s make the world go round; they really do! In so many facets of daily life, moms are the outlet that God uses to show nurture, compassion, and presence to children, both young and old. Once a mother, always a mother! Though I am probably considered a young mom, I’ve been granted the opportunity to dive in deeply and in ways I didn’t plan for. My story of motherhood came with quite a long list of unreconciled grief and also {Read More}

How to Be a Selfless Mom

How to Be a Selfless Mom (or at least get started that direction) 1. Share the cookies you have hidden. 2. Don’t sign your child up for an activity to help you look like a “good” mom. (Adding to your child’s schedule to pump your ego never works.) 3. Cut an activity you signed up for to create more down time for your kids. 4. Think of one thing you could do to put a smile on your child’s face… {Read More}

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