How God Changes Us As Moms

Are there things about being a mom that you’d like to change? Do you lose your temper? Do you struggle with putting down your phone and just focusing on your kids? Do you wish you can be more joyful, even in the small things? The bad news is that as moms we often feel guilty when we try and try to change but it doesn’t happen quickly or easily. The good news is this isn’t a battle we have to {Read More}

4 Ways To Immediately De-stress Amidst #Momlife | Guest Post

#Momlife in and of itself is stressful. Add work, soccer activities, anything else in addition to this responsibility and stressed doesn’t even begin to justify how we feel. No matter what season of life you’re in, these 4 ways to immediately de-stress amidst #momlife while raising your brood will quickly take you, and your child’s heart, from chaos to calm. 4 Ways to Immediately De-Stress Amidst #Momlife 1. Therapeutic coloring with your child. Honestly, coloring to de-stress always seemed like {Read More}

3 Ways to Stop Being a Control Girl Mama | Shannon Popkin

When I arrived home late one evening after attending a ladies’ event at church, I heard both of my babies wailing. Dropping my purse, I ran up to their bedrooms in a panic. The poor little dears had been crying for quite some time! They were red-faced, hot, and mad. I immediately picked them up, soothed them with pacifiers and stuffed animals, then had them back to sleep in minutes. Back downstairs, I found my husband on the couch. I {Read More}

Parenting Grace {Printable!}

Parenting Grace Don’t Seek From Your Parenting What God Has Provided Through Grace What do you want most as a mom? If someone would have asked me that years ago I would have said something like, “To raise children to love God and to serve others. To raise smart, successful adults.” I would have said that, but it wouldn’t have been the whole truth. In my mind, yes, but not in my actions—not in my heart. What do you want {Read More}

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