4 Ways to be Overwhelmed by God, In the Midst of An Overwhelming World | Hayley DiMarco

For the woman overwhelmed, rest is a fantasy that we imagine would be amazing, but never a possibility. Before I began to seek God for my overwhelmed life, I didn’t even believe in rest. Maybe that’s because I didn’t seem to have enough time for it, but frankly I wouldn’t even have known what to do if I had. It has happened before. There have been times when I have found myself with no deadlines, no pressing responsibilities, and a {Read More}

I Only Look Like I Have it All Together

I know that most of the time I look encouraging to my online friends. Why? Well, I DO NOT want to be a complainer and whiner. I truly believe we can do more by lifting people up than tearing people down. We can also live freer by rejoicing and complaining, BUT … (Did you see that “but” coming?) But this is something I personally struggle with. Often in my day I don’t have peace. Why? Because sometimes I do everything {Read More}

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