12 Ways to Stop Holiday Misbehaving Before it Starts

When the Christmas season comes around we can count on a few things: 1) lots of fun family time, and 2) lots of fun family time disrupted by kids’ bad behavior. Kids often misbehave A LOT during the holidays. Their schedules are messed up; they’re over-excited and over-stimulated. (Don’t even get me started on all the extra SUGAR.) If you’d like to stop holiday misbehaving before it starts, here are 12 ways to do that: Prepare 1. Let your children know {Read More}

Am I Enough? Overcoming Feelings of Unworthiness as a Mom

Do you ever feel as if you aren’t enough? Do you struggle with feelings of unworthiness? I have for most of my life. I crave perfection, but I look in the mirror, around the house, and in my roles as wife and mom and I see all the shortcomings: “Not disciplined enough,” my reflection tells me. “Not clean or organized enough,” my house screams. “Not loving or respectful enough,” I read in my husband’s eyes. “Not fun enough, joyful enough, {Read More}

Teen Parenting | Q&A with Girlz 4 Christ

  Have you ever wondered what it’s like for teens to be a mom? As Christians we are supposed to be pro-life, right? But what happens when one of your friends or someone you know/have heard of becomes pregnant? Of course you want her to keep the baby! However, being pro-life isn’t enough, but it’s confusing to know how to handle the situation as a friend. A few weeks ago I was interviewed by a dynamic young woman named Lily Garay about my book Teen Mom {Read More}

There is No Shortcut to Parenting

If there was a shortcut to parenting, I thought I would have found it by now. I haven’t . . . not even close. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried. And it doesn’t mean I haven’t failed. Still we all keep looking and hoping, don’t we? Baby music classes do not give our kids a fast-track to music scholarships in college. T-ball at age four doesn’t mean the pros at twenty. Reading a Bible story at bedtime every night {Read More}

Never Say No | 5 Ways to Say Yes to your Kids {By Mark & Jan Foreman}

At a local cafe with a half dozen young leaders, Mark Foreman was recently asked, “Give us one nugget of parenting advice before you go.” “Okay,” he responded, “Try out this one: Never say no.” The room erupted with laughter, as the dad looking for help reacted, “You are kidding right? That’s all I ever say–and my son needs one thousand more no’s.” “No I’m not kidding,” Mark quietly responded. “Never say no to all the dreams and creative ideas {Read More}

Knowing Your Purpose As a Parent

My parenting life looks much different than I ever thought it would. As a single mom of one son, I met and married a wonderful Christian guy, and we had two more children. John and I embraced the parenting years, but we were also looking forward to having an empty nest. After all, we’ve never had a season when it was just us. That’s when God stepped in with other ideas—namely a heart for adoption. In the last five years {Read More}

4 Ways to Make Your Job Easier: Mommy Tips to Remember

4 Ways to Make Your Job Easier Mommy Tips to Remember   Hey Mom, I have four ways to make your job easier today. I promise. I think you’re going to like them, too. There’s a thing called lack of sleep, and it’s catching up with you. I know that the weekend is coming, but it’s okay to rest today. Sit down. Close your eyes (if you dare). And rest. The laundry and dishes will still be there when you {Read More}

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