How Can Prayer Make History?

We read stories of world-changing leaders in history books and hear about the amazing things they did. But one part of the story is often left out: the role of prayer in their lives and the effect it had on their singular accomplishments. How can prayer make history? Bible Gateway interviewed Tricia Goyer (@triciagoyer) about her book, Prayers That Changed History (Zonderkidz, 2015). What do you say to people who think your book’s title is audacious? Tricia Goyer: History is {Read More}

Why I Need Your Help to Spread the Word about “Prayers That Changed History”

This spring/summer has been a little busy for the Goyers. (Of course you know that!) We’ve had a wedding in Europe and a reception in Arkansas I wrote novel My son and his family moved to Hawaii We’re in the process of adopting four kids and our house has gotten even busier! Then, all of a sudden it’s almost the end of June and I realize my new book Prayers that Changed History releases June 30th! Oh my!! I haven’t {Read More}

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