Create In Me A Pure Heart

Saturday Scripture Psalm 51:10 Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Prayer God, renew my heart. Renew my spirit. Make it steadfast. Make it beat for your glory. Create in me a pure heart. @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet Are you new here? You might want to subscribe to my email updates, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or Instagram.

Let All That You Do Be Done In Love.

Saturday Scripture 1 Corinthians 16:14 Let all that you do be done in love. Prayer God, thank you for the long list of To Do’s in my day. Let each one of them be done with the same kind of love you have shown me. Allow my life to be a representation of the depth and width of that love. Amen. I want my life to represent the depth and width of God’s love. @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet Are you {Read More}

Saturday Scripture: Psalms 71:14

  Saturday Scripture As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. Psalms 71:14 Prayer Show me the hope that surrounds me constantly. With your love and guidance I want to praise you more and more.     My book The Kissing Bridge is a featured item in Barnes & Noble through August 18th! Next time you’re at Barnes & Noble, snap a photo of the book and post it on social media with {Read More}

Just Be Available to God

  Just Be Available (Read Part 1 here.) Do you have trust issues? I do. I mean who hasn’t been hurt? Abandoned? Left behind. There are those who say they love us, but then turn their backs on us. And then there is God. He wants us to follow Him and be available to Him … but it’s not as if He speaks to us in a clear, audible voice, right? He wants us to trust Him, but we have so {Read More}

Just Be Available (Part 1 of 3)

Just Be Available (Part 1 of 3) (Read Part 2 here.) Thirty-six years ago there was a single, young woman about to give birth. She was young and didn’t know how she could afford a child without her parent’s help. She hadn’t talked to her former boyfriend in months. She had no idea how to reach him. How to tell him she was having his child. This young woman attended church some, yet her dialogue with God was stilted. How {Read More}

A Love Story of My Own

A Love Story of My Own I grew up going to church for the most part. It started when I was eight-years-old and my mother and grandmother gave their hearts to the Lord. They attended a church where people attended together yet they also reached out to each other outside of the church building. I remember picnics and dinners out. I remember a new community of people who surrounded our family with love. I remember my Sunday School teacher who {Read More}

Eat What You Crave

Eat What You Crave Awhile ago, I was driving down the highway when a billboard caught my attention, “Eat What You Crave” it said in large, large letters. Next to it was photo of a hamburger. It had three or four huge hamburger patties and bacon. You could see the grease dripping off of it. As I zoomed by, I could tell that hamburger was at least 1,000 calories. “Eat what you crave.” Isn’t that what all the billboards, magazines, and {Read More}

An Update from Kenya

An Update from Kenya At age 17, I became a teen mom… During my pregnancy it seemed that wherever I went I felt labeled. People noticed my “mistake,” but they didn’t see my heart. Few noticed how I was seeking God, and trying to make changes. My large, round stomach was all that they noticed. They are called slums because that’s why they are. It’s easy to overlook what’s truly important. @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet It’s easy to overlook what’s {Read More}

Four Ways to Pray For Your Kids

Four Ways to Pray for Your Kids Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all I should be doing for my kids’ spiritual development…. Click To Tweet Sometimes as a mom, I get overwhelmed with all I should be doing for my kids’ spiritual development. I should be reading the Bible with my kids, teaching them Scripture, training them on character qualities, helping them understand prayer. The list goes on and on. Equally important are my prayers FOR my kids … but {Read More}

Prioritize, Pray, Proceed, Press In

People ask me how I get so much done. It’s a simple system really: 1. Prioritize  2. Pray 3. Proceed As I go, I trust that if something else should be a greater priority, God will let me know. I pay attention to the gentle stirring of God in me. Am I still overwhelmed by everything in my to-do list? Yes. Do many things fight for priority? Yes. Do I struggle with giving everything over to God? Yes. Relinquishment is not {Read More}

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