The Rest is His Story

Listen to my interview on Heroes for Her podcast and read a blurb about the interview below! Seven daughters. Yeah, you heard that right. I felt my heart drop when Tricia Goyer reminded me that she has seven, not six, daughters. Six are adopted, and she has one biological daughter. My heart hit the floor as I imagined myself trying to juggle all of that. Raised by a teen mother before her mom married her stepdad, Tricia never really knew the {Read More}

How Can Prayer Make History?

We read stories of world-changing leaders in history books and hear about the amazing things they did. But one part of the story is often left out: the role of prayer in their lives and the effect it had on their singular accomplishments. How can prayer make history? Bible Gateway interviewed Tricia Goyer (@triciagoyer) about her book, Prayers That Changed History (Zonderkidz, 2015). What do you say to people who think your book’s title is audacious? Tricia Goyer: History is {Read More}

Live the Life God’s Called You To {+ FREE Printable}

Live the Life God’s Called You To If I were to ask 100 people who name one of the most influential women of the last 100 years, my guess is that Mother Teresa would be on the top of most everyone’s list. This humble servant captured the world’s heart with the way she cared for the poor and forgotten, but many people don’t realize the mission of a woman started with the prayers of a little girl. Born Anjezë Gonxhe {Read More}

When God Asks You to Return to Your Darkest Place

Do you have a dark place in your life? A place of heartache or even sin? Without a doubt my darkest place was when I walked away from God during my teen years. I became sexually active at a young age, and I chose to have an abortion at age 15. I found myself pregnant again—by the same boyfriend—at age 17 and the second time I chose life. From the moment after I walked out of the clinic after by {Read More}

Your Prayers DO Impact Generations {And 5 Things to Pray}

Do your prayers matter—not just for today or this year—but for generations? Can the prayers you pray today and the faith steps you take this week impact your descendants 100 years from now? Yes, they can! We all want to know our prayers matter, but sometimes our greatest prayers may not be answered until our life on earth is done. In fact, you may think you’re praying about one thing, but God might use those prayers greater in the lives {Read More}

There is No Shortcut to Parenting

If there was a shortcut to parenting, I thought I would have found it by now. I haven’t . . . not even close. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried. And it doesn’t mean I haven’t failed. Still we all keep looking and hoping, don’t we? Baby music classes do not give our kids a fast-track to music scholarships in college. T-ball at age four doesn’t mean the pros at twenty. Reading a Bible story at bedtime every night {Read More}

Why I Need Your Help to Spread the Word about “Prayers That Changed History”

This spring/summer has been a little busy for the Goyers. (Of course you know that!) We’ve had a wedding in Europe and a reception in Arkansas I wrote novel My son and his family moved to Hawaii We’re in the process of adopting four kids and our house has gotten even busier! Then, all of a sudden it’s almost the end of June and I realize my new book Prayers that Changed History releases June 30th! Oh my!! I haven’t {Read More}

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