God’s Whispers About Your Future Husband ~ A Devotion for Teen Girls

Have you ever thought about what a whisper will sound like from your future husband? Can you picture the two of you snuggled on a couch? Or at a park? Or walking along a sidewalk? He leans close. You feel his breath on your cheek. What does he say? I love you. I can’t wait until we’re alone. You look beautiful. Isn’t that what every young woman hopes for some day? We all want a guy who will love God {Read More}

Think You Might Be Pregnant? Your Bad News Could be Your Biggest Blessing

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant. I was 17-years-old and a senior in high school. The news was BAD in every way. My boyfriend dumped me when I didn’t have an abortion. I dropped out of school because I was so embarrassed of being pregnant. Yet that dark day turned into something beautiful. When I was six months pregnant I dedicated my heart to God. I told Him that I wanted to live His way and {Read More}

First Chapter Friday | Praying for Your Future Husband

Praying for Your Future Husband Chapter 1: An Extraordinary Mystery Robin: Sometimes, when an idea just won’t go away, you need to pay attention to how God is nudging you. That’s what happened with this book. Tricia and I have been friends for almost two decades, and both of us are writers. But our life stories as well as our love stories are radically different. Beyond writing, we do have one interesting commonality: both of us prayed for our future husbands when we were teens. But how {Read More}

Still praying for that future husband? Don’t give up!

Are you still praying for a husband? Do you feel like giving up? Maybe you started praying in your teens and you’re in your 20s, 30s, or 40s now. Perhaps you’ve started to believe that your prayers are doing NOTHING. Sometimes it may seem like that’s true, but it’s not. Your prayers are working … but in ways you may not see for years and years to come. Your prayers are working, but in ways you may not see for {Read More}

Indiana Jones + Indiana Josephine: When Love Becomes an Adventure

Last week John and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary. I knew when I married John that life would be an adventure, and it has been, but when I let him plan our anniversary I had no idea what I was getting into … This is John and I on the second longest zip line in Central America. 1900 ft long with a 300 ft drop. (It was one of 10 zip lines we went on that day, and it was {Read More}

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