How to Start a Teen MOPS Group

  I get emails all the time from people asking how they can start a Teen MOPS group. Well, here’s some info. How to start a Teen MOPS group: If you’ve followed me for any time on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve heard me talk about Teen MOPS. Teen MOPS is a support group for teenage mothers. It’s part of MOPS International. Basically Teen MOPS is a support group for our youngest moms. I started a Teen MOPS group in Kalispell, {Read More}

A Love Story of My Own

A Love Story of My Own I grew up going to church for the most part. It started when I was eight-years-old and my mother and grandmother gave their hearts to the Lord. They attended a church where people attended together yet they also reached out to each other outside of the church building. I remember picnics and dinners out. I remember a new community of people who surrounded our family with love. I remember my Sunday School teacher who {Read More}

How You can Help Eliminate Teen Pregnancy

How You can Help Eliminate Teen Pregnancy Two questions are on our minds. If a teen finds herself pregnant are the parents to blame? Or should we point our fingers at the teen’s own bad choices? We ask because the issue hits home.  Parents, want to help eliminate #teenpregnancy? Take some tips from @TriciaGoyer: Click To Tweet If you don’t want your daughter to be one of the one million teen girls who find themselves pregnant every year, consider this: Be {Read More}

Finding Friendship at Teen MOPS (Plus a Giveaway!)

I attended my first MOPS group at my home church in Kalispell, Montana, in 1998. I was a mom of three young kids, and I loved hanging out with other women, getting to know them, and hearing wonderful speakers. OK, the crafts were good too. My second year of MOPS I was asked to speak. I remember one meeting when I shared about Once a Month Cooking. Yet as I shared about how my friend and I spent one day {Read More}

Pro-life for Kids: Ideas for Teaching the Sanctity of Life

Pro-life for Kids: Ideas for Teaching the Sanctity of Life The little feet pin glinted on the woman’s lapel. The feet and toes were tiny. It was as if a fairy had landed upon her blouse, left gold footprints, and fluttered away. I pointed to the pin. “That’s so cute.” The older woman smiled. “Those are the size of the feet of a 12-week-old fetus.” A fist of pain hit my gut, and I looked away before she saw the {Read More}

I’m Here to Blow Your Teen Pregnancy Statistics Out of the Water

I had my first baby when I was seventeen. It was hard, but I can’t imagine how a young mom who’s living in New York City feels these days. Have you seen the posters plastered all over the subways in the media? One shows a crying baby and reads, “I’m twice as likely not to graduate from high school because you had me as a teen.” While it’s true that having a baby as a teen is hard, choosing to {Read More}

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