Your Heartache, Your Story: Using Your Past Pain to Help Others Find Healing

Your Heartache, Your Story   What is your heartache? Looking back in your life where did you experience the most pain? What is your story? Have you overcome hardship, loss, abandonment? Have you been abused? Did you grow up feeling unloved or unwanted? Did you search for love in all the wrong places and find yourself making wrong choices to find love? For years I struggled with many things: not knowing my father growing up, facing teen pregnancy, and forgiving {Read More}

God is Not Punishing You For Your Past Sins

God is Not Punishing You For Your Past Sins The other day I was mindlessly scrolling my Facebook feed when a headline caught my eye: “Toni Braxton Once Believed God Gave Her Son Autism Because Of Her Past Abortion.” My heart clenched as I read that—not only because of Toni’s pain and shame, but because of my own. As a fifteen-year-old young woman I found myself pregnant.   Overwhelmed with despair and seeking advice, I went to a Planned Parenthood {Read More}

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