Surviving The Strong-Willed Child

I used to laugh when my mother-in-law, Darlyne, told me how my husband was a strong-willed child. That was until our daughter turned out to be exactly like her dad. Darlyne used to tell stories about when John was a baby. She said he’d crawl to the nearest electrical outlet and want to stick his finger in it. She’d tell him no, gently slap his hand, pull him away, and yet he’d return. She’d do that over and over, trying {Read More}

Messy Beautiful Love: Book Giveaway & Author Interview

Messy Beautiful Love: Interview & Book Giveaway   You may be familiar with one of my favorite bloggers, Darlene Schacht, also known as the TimeWarpWife. I’m happy to announce that Darlene’s book is releasing tomorrow! To celebrate, I’m giving away 3 copies of her books and letting you know a little more about why I’m so excited about this book. She answered the following questions for us… Yay! @TriciaGoyer is celebrating @timewarpwife’s book release with a giveaway! Click To Tweet Your book is {Read More}

4 Steps to a Heavenly Family

4 Steps to a Heavenly Family When my kids were younger I’d pray about them finding good jobs, a good spouse, and become productive members of society. I still pray for those things, but I also pray for more now. I pray my children will be citizens of heaven and that God will use them to lead others to be part of this heavenly family. So how has God led guided my husband and I in doing this? 1. Look {Read More}

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