When You’re a Child of Divorce

  I remember the first time I heard that a friend’s parents were divorcing. I must have been 7 at the time, and I didn’t understand. Was that possible? People were allowed to do that? It didn’t seem right. More than that, it seemed wrong. Growing up, I didn’t know my biological dad, and my mom married my stepdad when I was 4 so I remember little before him. They had a fine marriage, but there were always issues. Even {Read More}

Generations May Influence Us, But God’s Influence is Greater

Generations May Influence Us, But God’s Influence is Greater My teen years are a product of the 80’s. Madonna sang Like a Virgin and no one I knew felt virginity was something to protect. While growing up, I sometimes felt closer to television families, like the Cosby’s, than my own. I escaped into books and always tried to gain the approval of my friends. In high school, I got together with guys and then broke up again, each time guarding myself {Read More}

A Devoted Fan

A Devoted Fan It has been said, “The goal of marriage is two-fold: to reveal the glory of God and to enhance the glory of one’s spouse”. How come this second half is so hard? Why do we find it so difficult to be our spouse’s biggest fan, cheering him or her on, and offering the gift of affirming words? Of course, words are only the beginning. What our moms also told us is true, “Actions speak louder than words.” {Read More}

How to Serve Your Spouse

How to Serve Your Spouse Marriage isn’t all about romance or heart connections. (Don’t we wish!) The everyday stuff of life includes housework, yard work, and more. Much more. I’ll never forget the look on my new husband’s face as he took a bite of the stew I’d had simmering in the crockpot all day. We’d only been married a few weeks, and I’d decided to embrace the role of domestic goddess. I knew I was no June Cleaver, or {Read More}

When the Past Affects Your Marriage

When the Past Affects Your Marriage I looked like the perfect bride when, at age eighteen, I walked down the aisle to where John waited. Although outwardly I was adorned in a beautiful gown, inside I wore scars of past hurts. In my hands I carried a fragrant bouquet of roses. In my mind memories of embraces with past lovers—secret intimacies that had fulfilled me for a season. A smile curled my lips as ruffles trailed behind me, but I {Read More}

The Flicker of an Old Flame

The Flicker of an Old Flame I worked at my desk, noting flakes of snow fluttering down outside my office window. In the windowsill, a family photograph warmed my heart. The “you’ve-got-mail” chime sounded, and I glanced at my email. Scanning the name, my heartbeat quickened. Steven. My first boyfriend. My first kiss. My first everything. I opened the email: Hi, Trish, I found you on this classmate site. Remember me? I’d love to reconnect. A few years after Steven {Read More}

12 Tips to Make Your Marriage Rock

Want to make your marriage rock? Here are twelve ways to get started: Send your husband off to work with a smile on his face. Have a good attitude. Pray for him. Talk about his upcoming day. Plant a good kiss on him before he leaves. Wave goodbye from the window. Think of five things your husband would appreciate that day. Do them and see if he notices. Greet your husband at the end of the day with a smile {Read More}

Struggling with Intimacy | Guest Post by Jennifer Smith

Have you ever been in an argument with your husband that makes you feel a little crazy? I am noticing a pattern in my marriage. When my husband and I argue over something very trivial or insignificant—the type of conflict that becomes more about a fight over words or tone rather than the initial source of tension—it is in that moment of feeling completely crazy that I am confronted and convicted about an even larger issue: intimacy! A question pops {Read More}

Praying for Your Child’s Future Spouse

Cory was just a small toddler when I started praying for his future spouse. It wasn’t something I prayed for every day . . . or even every week. But I prayed when God stirred my heart. I prayed when I struggled in my own marriage. I prayed when my marriage grew stronger and full of joy. And I honestly believe my prayers made a difference. Prayer always does. I adore my daughter-in-law, Katie. She and Cory have been married {Read More}

Non-fiction Books for Parents: 7 Tips for Getting the Most out of Them

Non-fiction books have changed my life as a Christian, a wife, and a homeschooling mom. I can look back at my life at times when I’ve made big decisions and big changes, and the cool thing is that I often can connect a self-help book to those transformations. I’ve learned about being a praying wife, a godly servant, a better teacher, and a bold witness to the gospel . . . through the pages of books. Need some non-fiction book {Read More}

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