Rough Day? 3 Tips for Getting Through

Rough day? Oh man, I understand. Wouldn’t it be nice if life was easier? The truth is that rough days happen. Here is my advice for getting through: Rough Day? 3 Tips for Getting Through: Prayer, Perspective, Purpose 1. Prayer. I don’t know where I’d be without prayer. Throughout the day I seek God. “Please, help me. Give me strength. Give me wisdom. Give me patience, Lord!” I also ask friends to pray for me. I have a network of friends that {Read More}

Eat What You Crave

Eat What You Crave Awhile ago, I was driving down the highway when a billboard caught my attention, “Eat What You Crave” it said in large, large letters. Next to it was photo of a hamburger. It had three or four huge hamburger patties and bacon. You could see the grease dripping off of it. As I zoomed by, I could tell that hamburger was at least 1,000 calories. “Eat what you crave.” Isn’t that what all the billboards, magazines, and {Read More}

How to be a Confident Family Leader

Do you find it hard to lead in your home? A lot of people do.   Go to any park, or to Wal-Mart, or even look around the church, and you might see that often the big people aren’t the ones calling the shots. The same is true in the home. Kids have their own televisions and computers so they can pick their entertainment. They have their own schedule of extra-curricular activities that keeps the family on the run. In {Read More}

The Comparison Game

Have you ever compared yourself with other women–other moms or co-workers–and felt like you didn’t match up? We call it the comparison game, but in the end we are the big losers. Today, do you feel discouraged? Do you see others having success at all levels and wonder when it will be your turn? Are you ready to fold your cards and walk away? We all know we are special creations, unique and precious to God. Yet why do we struggle {Read More}

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