5 Keys to Homeschooling Success

As a homeschooling mom for twenty years (with fifteen years to go), I have a lot of stuff. Books, papers, DVDs, CDs, schedules, papers, you name it. Yet even more consuming is organizing my thoughts and plans. There is so much you can do, how do you know what you should do? After twenty years of trial and error, here are 5 keys to homeschooling success: Let your natural bent guide you. As a writer I love everything literature-based. The curriculum {Read More}

Sometimes I’ve Felt Like My Heart Has Been Mangled With a Wire Brush.

Sometimes I’ve Felt Like My Heart Has Been Mangled With a Wire Brush. While most writers might want our books to sell more, many writers are surprised by the challenges that come with that kind of success. I’m not talking about fame, notoriety, and greater demands. (Although those are challenges, too.) I’m talking about God’s sanctification process. It seems to me the greater influence one has, the more God’s really going to dig in and help you dig out the {Read More}

Shaping your Homeschool Schedule: Form Before Fill!

Shaping your Homeschool Schedule: Form Before Fill! I’ve been a homeschooling mom for almost twenty years, and for so many of those years I filled our lives with too much. Thankfully there was a moment when I stepped back, took a good look, firmed up what I wanted to achieve in our homeschool, and then filled our schedule from there. Want to know where I got that idea? Genesis 1. We are made in the image of God. As homeschooling {Read More}

Successful (Not Stressful) Family Living

Fall is in the air. Gone are the sunny, carefree summer days. Replacing them is the activity-packed, responsibility-filled family schedule. A dozen or so years ago, I spoke to my friend on the phone, spilling concerns about fall’s packed calendar. I had kids to homeschool, books to write, mentoring responsibilities—not to mention the daily stuff that comes up. “At least a few times a week my grandma needs a ride into town for errands,” I explained. “And then there are {Read More}

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