Finish the Summer Well: 50 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

When I was a kid I spent most of my summer days outside. Even though I was a big reader and thought curling up on the couch made a perfect day, I was outside a lot. Why? my mom kicked me outside, and she LOCKED the door. I had to find places to go and things to do. Can you relate? As a mom I worry when my kids don’t want to be outside too. With eight kids at home {Read More}

22 Great Summer Reads for Your Kids!

I’m a mom of ten kids and a book addict. This means we do a lot of reading! I’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite books. These are perfect for summer reading. Boys ages 6–12 Henry Huggins Series by Beverly Cleary Book 1: Henry Huggins Book 2: Henry and Beezus Book 3: Henry and Ribsy Beverly Cleary was one of my favorite authors growing up, and I still love reading her books to my kids. This series is {Read More}

FREE Summer Printables for Your Kids

Summer is here and one of my favorite things is spending time in nature and teaching my kids how to enjoy God’s creation. To do this better my daughter-in-law and I created some printables! You can download them here. We’ve also created a large pack of printables that you can buy for $4.50.  This pack includes 27 printables to be used for creating and connecting with God’s creation this summer. These pages are mostly in black and white for cheaper {Read More}

Rules for Outings: The ABCs of Safety and Manners {+ FREE printable}

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made as a mom was to expect what I haven’t taught. I’d take my kids out and expect them to know not to ask the lady sitting next to us at the park for part of her lunch. Or expect them to know that they shouldn’t run and scream in a store or touch in an art museum. How WOULD my kids know that if I didn’t teach them? The teaching and training is {Read More}

30 Fun & FREE Summer Activities

School’s out for summer (or will be soon!) and so begins the frantic brainstorm of what to do with our kids without spending a fortune. With help from my Facebook followers and Pinterest, here are 30 fun and FREE things to do this summer with your kids: “Little bit” party Puzzles Explore your neighborhood Board games Attend movies in the park—Paul B. Take advantage of your local museums’ free days—Wendy H. Weed a community flower bed—Susan K. Take a factory {Read More}

86 Creative Activities for Pre-Teens & Teens {Plus Printable!}

Summer is flying by and you’re probably already hearing the words, “I’m bored.” As a mom of pre-teens and teens it’s easy to give in to electric devises to entertain kids. It’s harder to come up with creative ways for them to spend long summer days. Here are 86 of them! Color Paint Draw Bake cookies Collect leaves and rocks Work on a puzzle Study the Bible Practice photography Work on learning a new language Play a board game Memorize {Read More}

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