The Story Behind Rad Joy: How Our Surrender Cross Changes Everything

Need to Surrender? Scroll below for a chance to win a Surrender™ Cross and set of prayer cards from RadJoy! Winner will be contacted next week!   What is a Surrender Cross? Let me tell you our story… A little over two years ago, my husband, Rick, and I were in a season of unrest. He was working at a local oil and gas company, and I was a stay at home mom to our three children. I began to pray {Read More}

Walk it Out Stories: Afraid to Surrender | Katie Orr

We spent days painting it and (in our teenage minds) it was a masterpiece. Using a 1980s overhead projector and a transparency picture of clip-art Jesus, a few friends of mine and I traced and painted a floor-to-ceiling image of Christ for the youth group room. Including one arm stretched forward, He stood with a finger pointing right at the viewer. At the bottom of the mural was the caption, “Count the Cost,” serving as the foundation for the artist’s {Read More}

Stop Striving: Surrendering Brings Peace

Last week was a crazy week. I worked hard, striving to get things done. We got moved into our new house (yeah!), but my husband had to be out of town for work (boo!). I was excited about unpacking, and then I discovered Focus on the Family was coming to my house to tape videos for the Lead Your Family Like Jesus Curriculum. (Oh my!) It was time to strive even harder. In addition to caring for three kids under {Read More}

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