Hope for the Teen Mom {Focus on the Family broadcast – 1/7!}

Good news! My broadcast with Focus on the Family about ‘”Hope For The Teen Mom” airs this Thursday (January 7th). Here’s the summary of the broadcast: She was boy crazy in 4th grade, had her first kiss in 8th grade, and by the time she graduated high school, Tricia Goyer had experienced both an abortion and giving birth to a new baby boy.  On this Focus on the Family broadcast, hear how this wasn’t the plan she (or God) had in {Read More}

Just Be Available (Part 1 of 3)

Just Be Available (Part 1 of 3) (Read Part 2 here.) Thirty-six years ago there was a single, young woman about to give birth. She was young and didn’t know how she could afford a child without her parent’s help. She hadn’t talked to her former boyfriend in months. She had no idea how to reach him. How to tell him she was having his child. This young woman attended church some, yet her dialogue with God was stilted. How {Read More}

Teen Mom: Make Good Choices

You’ve made good choices already … trust that you will make more. Teens make good and bad decisions every day. Lots of them. Most aren’t as visible as teen pregnancy. Perhaps you think it’s unfair. Your choice is leading you to make choices you weren’t prepared for. You may not have been prepared to be a teen mom, but you can be a good one. By choosing to have your baby you’re already taking responsibility. You’re choosing life for your {Read More}

I’m Here to Blow Your Teen Pregnancy Statistics Out of the Water

I had my first baby when I was seventeen. It was hard, but I can’t imagine how a young mom who’s living in New York City feels these days. Have you seen the posters plastered all over the subways in the media? One shows a crying baby and reads, “I’m twice as likely not to graduate from high school because you had me as a teen.” While it’s true that having a baby as a teen is hard, choosing to {Read More}

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