How to Start a Teen MOPS Group

  I get emails all the time from people asking how they can start a Teen MOPS group. Well, here’s some info. How to start a Teen MOPS group: If you’ve followed me for any time on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve heard me talk about Teen MOPS. Teen MOPS is a support group for teenage mothers. It’s part of MOPS International. Basically Teen MOPS is a support group for our youngest moms. I started a Teen MOPS group in Kalispell, {Read More}

Think You Might Be Pregnant? Your Bad News Could be Your Biggest Blessing

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant. I was 17-years-old and a senior in high school. The news was BAD in every way. My boyfriend dumped me when I didn’t have an abortion. I dropped out of school because I was so embarrassed of being pregnant. Yet that dark day turned into something beautiful. When I was six months pregnant I dedicated my heart to God. I told Him that I wanted to live His way and {Read More}

Talking to Your Daughter About Sex (Plus a Free Printable)

If you have a pre-teen or teen daughter, you know how much pressure there is for young women to have sex. As a parent, it’s hard to find the balance between lecturing and ignoring the topic. Some days we may lean one way, other days the other. Mom, believe it or not your daughter will listen to you best when she understands YOUR heart. Sharing our experiences concerning sex during our teen years may be hardest to do, but it {Read More}

When Your Church-Raised Daughter Is Pregnant

Every week I get emails and notes from parents who discover their daughters are pregnant. It’s a shock to say the least, especially for parents who raised their children in Christian homes and taught them God’s good plans for marriage and children. The parents who are most distraught are those whose daughters seemed to know better, but then strayed. After choosing to have sex outside of marriage, the daughter then claims that there is no problem with the choices she made. It’s {Read More}

Share “Teen Mom” With Someone Today!

In publishing, there are topics that are “evergreen.” That means they can be picked up at any time and still be relevant. For me, that includes teen moms and teen pregnancy. It’s been nearly a decade since the release of Life Interrupted, and at the beginning of March, the re-release titled Teen Mom: You’re Stronger than You Think will be available for purchase. Do you know someone who needs to know about Teen Mom? If so, please fill out this {Read More}

Why Does Mentoring Matter? A Lesson From Mary

Mary, the mother of Jesus is one of the most well-known women of all time. She was also a teen mom facing an unplanned pregnancy. This Christmas we will see evidence of Mary’s story all around us. And as you hear it through Christmas songs and Christmas shows think of three things: Mary was signed up for a big task she wasn’t prepared for. Mary no doubt faced criticism from people around her. Mary found someone to turn to … {Read More}

Just Be Available (Part 1 of 3)

Just Be Available (Part 1 of 3) (Read Part 2 here.) Thirty-six years ago there was a single, young woman about to give birth. She was young and didn’t know how she could afford a child without her parent’s help. She hadn’t talked to her former boyfriend in months. She had no idea how to reach him. How to tell him she was having his child. This young woman attended church some, yet her dialogue with God was stilted. How {Read More}

How You can Help Eliminate Teen Pregnancy

How You can Help Eliminate Teen Pregnancy Two questions are on our minds. If a teen finds herself pregnant are the parents to blame? Or should we point our fingers at the teen’s own bad choices? We ask because the issue hits home.  Parents, want to help eliminate #teenpregnancy? Take some tips from @TriciaGoyer: Click To Tweet If you don’t want your daughter to be one of the one million teen girls who find themselves pregnant every year, consider this: Be {Read More}

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