5 Keys to Homeschooling Success

As a homeschooling mom for twenty years (with fifteen years to go), I have a lot of stuff. Books, papers, DVDs, CDs, schedules, papers, you name it. Yet even more consuming is organizing my thoughts and plans. There is so much you can do, how do you know what you should do? After twenty years of trial and error, here are 5 keys to homeschooling success: Let your natural bent guide you. As a writer I love everything literature-based. The curriculum {Read More}

Tried & True: Time Management Tips for Moms On-The-Go

Tried & True: Time Management Tips for Moms On-The-Go Last week, I shared some of my favorite ‘Life Management’ Secrets for Moms. Today, I wanted to zone in on the topic of scheduling, calendars, and time management specifically. Since a lot of life management as a mom is planning and preparing, I want to encourage you with a few tried and true tips for managing your time. Choose the Right Calendar – If you keep losing the paper calendar or it’s {Read More}

Why Your Older Kids Fight Your Teaching… and How To Fix That

Why Your Older Kids Fight Your Teaching… and How To Fix That I’m a mom of six children. I’ve been homeschooling eighteen years, and now that I have three preschoolers, I have another eighteen years of homeschooling to go! Three of my children are adults. Cory is 24 years old. He’s a working man and a caring husband and father. Leslie is 21 and graduated from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, last year. She’s a stellar student who’s living {Read More}

Four Ways to Pray For Your Kids

Four Ways to Pray for Your Kids Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all I should be doing for my kids’ spiritual development…. Click To Tweet Sometimes as a mom, I get overwhelmed with all I should be doing for my kids’ spiritual development. I should be reading the Bible with my kids, teaching them Scripture, training them on character qualities, helping them understand prayer. The list goes on and on. Equally important are my prayers FOR my kids … but {Read More}

10 Ways to Ruin Your Kids Forever

10 Ways to Ruin Your Kids Forever There are all types of lists for parents. If you want a list to ruin your kids forever, here’s a list for you. 1. Give your kid everything he wants. Don’t deny what will truly make him happy. Overvalue money and things in his eyes. 2. Dress your child in designer clothes, no matter the cost. Show her that her outward appearance matters most of all. 3. Place your child’s needs over that {Read More}

Shaping your Homeschool Schedule: Form Before Fill!

Shaping your Homeschool Schedule: Form Before Fill! I’ve been a homeschooling mom for almost twenty years, and for so many of those years I filled our lives with too much. Thankfully there was a moment when I stepped back, took a good look, firmed up what I wanted to achieve in our homeschool, and then filled our schedule from there. Want to know where I got that idea? Genesis 1. We are made in the image of God. As homeschooling {Read More}

How to Interview for Non-Fiction Magazines and Books: 17 Tips for Ease and Success!

  I’ve been honored over the years to interview hundreds of people for articles, blogs, and books! A few of my non-fiction projects are Life, In Spite of Me and Plain Faith. Throughout the years I’ve learned how to create a better interview—one that will make the subject comfortable and help me as a writer. Here are my tips! Hey, #writers! @TriciaGoyer shares her tips for creating better #interviews. Click To Tweet Prepare. Have a short list of questions you {Read More}

How to Get Past the Blank Page

One of the most common questions I get from aspiring writers is, “How do I start?” The ideas are in their heads, but the problem is getting them on paper. Whether you are writing magazine articles, story stories, novels, or even homework assignments, here are some tips for improving on the blank page. 1) Sift Through Your Ideas. Realize some ideas will remain just that . . . ideas. When I first began writing in 1994 I wanted to use {Read More}

12 Tips to Make Your Marriage Rock

Want to make your marriage rock? Here are twelve ways to get started: Send your husband off to work with a smile on his face. Have a good attitude. Pray for him. Talk about his upcoming day. Plant a good kiss on him before he leaves. Wave goodbye from the window. Think of five things your husband would appreciate that day. Do them and see if he notices. Greet your husband at the end of the day with a smile {Read More}

Priorities {And Making Lists}

How to Organize Your Priorities and Keep God First It’s a simple thing, really, yet I have to admit it’s the #2 thing that makes me productive. It’s writing things down, five things a day. They are the top five things that I’d like to achieve in a day. If possible I put the hardest thing first. Once that’s out of the way then the rest is easy. This is the #2 thing. The #1 thing is seeking God. Every {Read More}

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