How To Write Your Own Family Christmas Prayer {Plus FREE Printable!}

Christmas means twinkling lights and sparkling snowflakes. It also means time with family and remembering God’s gift of love. Christmas can also represent a time of prayer for children. One sweet book that has taught my children about prayer is A Very Merry Christmas Prayer by Bonnie Jensen. And while it’s wonderful for my children to read about prayer, it’s even more important that they learn how to pray. I decided this year I’d like my kids to write our {Read More}

Teaching Kids To Pray For Their Friends

In the last week I’ve run into two of my adult daughter’s friends. As I gave each one a hug I remembered the numerous challenges they’ve had over the years. I also remembered the minor conflicts my daughter had with them, but mostly I remembered the prayers. My daughter Leslie often came to me with requests to pray for others, but she didn’t leave the praying up to me alone. Over the years my daughter learned to pray for her {Read More}

5 Reasons Your Teen Needs A Little Jesus Every Day

School is starting soon, and I’m looking forward to routine. One of those routines I love is having a morning devotional time with our teens. I love reading the Bible and great Christian books together. Why? Because just like me, my teens need a little bit of Jesus every day. One book I’m looking forward to reading with my teens is, Jesus Today, Experience Hope Through His Presence by Sarah Young (the Teen version releases in October). If the  name {Read More}

Teaching Teens To Be Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

As a mom of ten kids I’ve been though every stage (a few times!), and I have to say that the hardest, most confusing time for girls is the pre-teen and teen years. Between ages 12-16 girls’ bodies are changing, their emotions are charged, and on a scale from 1-10 their desire for peer approval is an 11.5! All the lessons that little girls soaked in during quiet time devotions about their value, worth and beauty dissipate as soon as {Read More}

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