Hope For Women … you’re capable of wonderful things | Angelia White

Life is not always easy—that’s a truth I’ve come to know far too well. As a young girl and into adulthood, I haven’t always had ideal situations occur. I’ve faced instances of abandonment and sexual abuse, leading to brokenness, depression and having to start from scratch. I felt completely alone during my darkest points, and I wasn’t sure where to turn. I never had sisters growing up, but I certainly wished for them. Thankfully, the Lord provided me with the {Read More}

4 Ways to be Overwhelmed by God, In the Midst of An Overwhelming World | Hayley DiMarco

For the woman overwhelmed, rest is a fantasy that we imagine would be amazing, but never a possibility. Before I began to seek God for my overwhelmed life, I didn’t even believe in rest. Maybe that’s because I didn’t seem to have enough time for it, but frankly I wouldn’t even have known what to do if I had. It has happened before. There have been times when I have found myself with no deadlines, no pressing responsibilities, and a {Read More}

The Desire to Be Seen

The Desire to Be Seen Years ago I attended a national mothering conference. A lot of women had gathered together to have fun, bond with friends, and learn how to be better mothers. Unfortunately I didn’t attend with other women. The truth was I’ve never felt so alone in my life. I had a hotel room to myself. I sat alone during the speakers’ presentations, among 5,000 women. I remember looking around and thinking, “Nobody knows me. Nobody understands.” They {Read More}

For the Love of Women

I am a loved woman. This is the feeling after leaving the Allume Conference in Greenville, South Carolina. I’m loved by bloggy-friends. I’m loved by my editors and agents. {I am loved by my family at home, of course.} Mostly, I’m loved by God. I’m not saying this in a prideful way but in a thankful way. It’s amazing to walk into a place and feel friendship-love in such a powerful way. I am accepted and appreciated, and I accept {Read More}

Meet Courtney Joseph of Women Living Well

I’m happy to introduce you to Courtney Joseph, founder of Women Living Well! I’ll be chatting with Courtney this week on Living Inspired (Thursday at 3 PM CDT). Stop by this page for all the details about how to listen AND to enter to win her book! Welcome Courtney to my blog today! Meet Courtney Joseph Tell me about this important event in your life and how did it affect you? Women Living Well—the blog—began five years ago. After receiving {Read More}

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