‘Always Faithful’ . . . WWII Marines meet again

My friend Connie Pettersen sent me this amazing story she wrote about two World War II Marines. She is a freelance writer for a local newspaper in Aitkin, MN. Enjoy the incredible story! Two Marines from WWII were reunited on April 16th at Villa Health Care Center in Mora, MN. Neither had seen each other since boot camp days in the early 1940’s despite living less than 30 miles apart for over 50 years. A twist of fate allowed them {Read More}

Living History: The Real People Behind the Stories {by Kelli Stuart}

I can count on one hand the teachers who impacted me the most growing up. It started in 11th grade with my history teacher. On the first day of school, he came to class dressed as Captain Meriwether Lewis, and launched into a ten-minute monologue on the adventures of Lewis and Clark. I was hooked. Up until that time, history had been nothing but boring stories and pictures in books to me. But he brought it to life. He made {Read More}

We Meet Again by Charles Torluccio

We Meet Again by Charles Torluccio | 11th Armored Division   One morning in 1990, my wife Doris and I were having morning coffee and reading the newspaper when I noticed that a Holocaust survivor named George Topaz was having a book signing in our town. As I read about Mr. Topaz’s experiences, I felt my skin tingle. I grabbed my cap with the 11th Armored Division emblem on it and told Doris we had to make that signing. We sat {Read More}

The Forgotten War

This year World War II is going to get a lot of attention. May 8, 1945 was be the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. But thinking about World War II also makes remember the often forgotten war. The Spanish Civil War  … ever heard of it? Yeah, I hadn’t really either. Beyond hearing about a For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway, I didn’t understand the time period or the events of this {Read More}

Excerpt from ‘Songbird Under a German Moon’

  Happy Memorial Day weekend! If you are looking to add to your TBR pile, here’s another WWII book of mine I know you’ll enjoy! Here’s a bit about the book: Songbird Under a German Moon The year is 1945. The war is over and 21-year-old Betty Lake has been invited to Europe to sing in a USO tour for American soldiers who now occupy Hitler’s Germany. The first nights performance is a hit. Betty becomes enthralled with the applause, {Read More}

Food Rationing & Recipes in World War II

Going grocery shopping and cooking may be a chore, but not like it was during World War II. During the war, many things were rationed. This meant families were only allowed a small amount each. Some items weren’t available at all. Recently, I wrote a book set during WWII. In Where Treetops Glisten, my main character, Meredith, is a nurse on the war front. During Christmas 1945 she is stationed in The Netherlands, and the fighting is thick in the {Read More}

Marion’s Favorite Month–A WWII Story

I get a few emails from veterans every week. I shared one last week, and here’s another one I just had to share. NOW do you know why researching novels is one of my favorite things to do? I get to meet amazing men like Marion! Marion’s Favorite Month For the last sixty-three years, July has been a special month in my life. July 8, 1943 was the day I turned 21-years-of-age. (Years-of-age was a term used back then.) As {Read More}

Sharing The Stories of The Greatest Generation

  About 15 years ago I was on vacation with two friends when I first heard about the 11th Armored Division–the men who liberated Mauthausen and Gusen concentration camps.   So intrigued by the history of these men, I wrote two novels about them, From Dust and Ashes and Night Song. In the course of writing these books, I attended two of their WWII reunions. I interviewed them, looked through their photo albums and cried with them as they shared {Read More}

Trailer for ‘The Swiss Courier’

Looking for another WWII book to add to your TBR pile? The Swiss Courier is a gripping tale full of action, love, and intrigue. Working as a Swiss transcriptionist for the Americans during WWII, Gabi Mueller’s life changes overnight when she’s recruited as a spy for the precursor of the CIA. Asked to safely courier a German physicist working on the budding Nazi atomic bomb project to the Swiss border, Gabi feels the weight of the war on her shoulders. But {Read More}

The Story Behind ‘From Dust & Ashes’

I can clearly remember when my interest was sparked by the liberation events that took place in St. Georgen, Austria, during World War II. An Austrian historian had invited me and my friends into her home, serving tea and bread, meat and cheeses. It was the end of a long day of travel, and I secretly desired a hot shower and a soft bed. But it wasn’t long before our host had me intrigued with her true tales of villains, {Read More}

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