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Take Time for Friends by Kerri Pomarolli

People ask me all the time why I became an actress in Hollywood. I didn’t get to sit at the “cool” lunch table in eight grade. It probably started earlier than that, my obsession with fitting in, but the most scarring moment was in the eighth grade cafeteria when Katie Mase ostracized me with deadly words: “There’s no room for you.” Me standing there with my lunch tray of nuggets and everyone staring at me afraid to speak out against their leader’s ordinance. Kerri is not welcome among us!

I, of course, did the mature thing, dropped my lunch, and ran to the girls bathroom to bawling. Katie and other cool girls decided I was not to be seen in their social circles because I was the new girl. Instead of swearing the way they did, they heard me saying ”Peachy Keen Jelly Bean” ( I learned that from Rizzo in Grease). I was fresh out of Christian school and didn’t know how to be “awesome” in their public school rules.

It was the 80s and there was a craze where everyone was wearing these “button shirts” (basically T-shirts with designer labels and buttons sewn on them). In the tradition of Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, I decided to make my own button shirt from a Hanes shirt of my dad’s and buttons I found in my mother’s sewing kit. I felt really cool . . . that is until I walked into school. It was like a bad movie. People stared as I walked down the hall, and the mean girls had no problem letting me know I had made a major fashion catastrophe. I was mortified and wore a cardigan over my creation for the rest of the day. It scarred me.

I can honestly say I never did get over not “being one of the cool” kids in life. I was always different and never really accepted that until I was an adult. But I see now I had to be different to accomplish all that God had for me. No standup comedian had a”blissful childhood.” Where would we get our material?

And when I became a mom I met a group of new mommies. We played Bunco and planned play dates. The problem was the working full-time moms could never attend the play dates and the stay-at-home moms had all the time in the world. I was stuck in the middle. I tried my best to rearrange work to be there at parks and pools. But most of the time I unable to attend. So of course, I stopped getting invited. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. I would hear about it later and be crushed. I lamented to Ron about it and he was understanding. He joked and said, “So you’re upset because you’re not in with the Mommy Mafia?” But this time it was different. I called my friend Claire and talked to her about it. I totally realized that no one in that “cool crowd” was trying to exclude me. It came down to schedules.


I discovered I was better at attending” Bunco” nights without my kids and “Moms’ Night Out” than park days. I have formed some amazing friendships, and I made it work for me. Our kids see each other at preschool or ballet, and I make sure I go out of my way to invite Lucy’s friends over whenever I can. I’ve made it work for me and found peace. It’s been six years with these girls, and I know they’ll be in my life for a long time.

Lucy is my own little “button shirt” firecracker of a girl. She marches to her own drummer and is stronger than I ever was. She dresses like Punky Brewster and refuses to ever match. She’s a leader, not a follower, and I hope she never changes. She did ask me a couple years ago when she had put together one of her fabulous outfits consisting of a fur hat, tank top, and shorts: “Mom, what if the kids don’t think my outfit is cool?” I smiled and said,” Lucy you define cool! If anyone ever says you’re not, they just don’t get it.”

Lucy said, “Yeah, cause they probably need Jesus don’t they? That’s what matters right, Mommy? If they have Jesus in their heart?”

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  1. Sounds like you have a smart little girl, Kerri. 😉 Enjoyed the post!

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