Teach Your Children Who They Are, Before The World Teaches Them Who They Should Be.

Teach Your Children Who They ARE, Before The World Teaches Them Who They Should Be. - TriciaGoyer.com


Teach Your Children Who They Are, Before The World Teaches Them Who They Should Be.

I’m not sure how or when the tradition started,but one of my favorite times of the week is when I bathe my young children.

Six, four, and three-years-old, their legs reach nearly to the end of the tub as I lay each one down. My left hand in under a back. And my right hand rinses soap out of hair. Wide eyes look up at me, trusting, and it’s then the words come:

“You are beautiful.”
“God created you for a special purpose.”
“God has wonderful plans for you.”
“I love your caring heart.”
“You have a beautiful smile.”
“God brought you to me … and I’m thankful.”

The words are never the same, but from the looks on their faces I know that they hear me. From the twinkle in their eyes, I know the words go deep. And that’s exactly where I want them to be … I want those words rooted in the deepest parts of my children’s hearts. I want my children to know who they are—loved by God, loved by me—before the world teaches them who they should be.

What was the age when the world’s messages first assaulted me?

Too young, that was for certain.

Sitting side-by-side with other children in school I realized I wasn’t as smart as others. Trying out for choir (and not making it), told me that I wasn’t as talented as I thought. The chubby cheeks in 4th grade and the garage sale clothes made me long to be someone other than myself. Yet looking back I can see that the words planted deep in my heart by my mom and grandparents did their work, even when I couldn’t see it.

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God, give me the words to enrich my children and build them up in Truth. Show me new ways to speak their heavenly character into their lives.


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