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Teen Mom: You Are Stronger Than You Think

The Inspiration

Young women make poor choices and find themselves pregnant, and there are loving people who are there to support them. I was one of those young women.

In 1989, I was a teen mom, and I had my son when I was 17.

In 1999 I helped to start a crisis pregnancy center.

In 2001, I started a teen mom support group through MOPS International in rural Montana.

In 2003, I wrote my book for teen moms (Life Interrupted: The Scoop On Being a Young Mom).

In 2010, we moved to Little Rock, and I start a Teen MOPS support group in the inner city.

Now this year my newly updated, newly titled book is out on March 3 (Teen Mom: You’re Stronger Than You Think)! Get information on purchasing in bulk here.

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Click here to download the free companion workbook!

Press Kit

Click here to download the press release and interview with Tricia Goyer.

Where I’d Like to See this Book:

In the hands of youth pastors and pastors.
In the hands of crisis pregnancy volunteers.
In the hands of teen mom support group leaders.
In the hands of high school counselors and teachers.
In the hands of anyone who longs to offer hope to young women.

How YOU can Help

Blog Posts

I’d be honored if you’d take one of the blog posts from this page and post it on your own blog. If you do, please write your own intro to the post and be sure to link back to the original page where you found it. Don’t forget to tag me on Facebook and Twitter (@TriciaGoyer) when you promote it via social media!

Also I recently hosted a webinar with MOPS online about how you and others in your community can impact teen moms. Listen to that webinar here.

Social Media

Facebook/Google+: Copy/paste the below links and text into your Facebook status update. (Don’t forget a photo; you can save the book cover or one of the below graphics to use along with your status update.)

  • There is someone in your community who needs to hear truth. Someone who feels alone. Someone who feels unworthy. Someone who feels ashamed. Without us stepping out and doing our part, who’s going to tell her? #teenmom http://bit.ly/1GrBTxv
  • Pregnancy can be a scary, uncertain time—and even more so if you’re a teen. Let’s get this book in the hands of those who will be impacted by it! #teenmom http://bit.ly/1GrBTxv
  • Do you know a #teenmom in your community who could use some encouragement? This book is for her: http://bit.ly/1GrBTxv

Twitter: Copy/paste the below links and text into your Twitter status bar.

  • New from @TriciaGoyer: a book just for the #teenmom in your life. Let’s get this book in the right hands! http://bit.ly/1GrBTxv
  • Everything changes when you find out you’re going to be a mom. What about a #teenmom? http://bit.ly/1GrBTxv @TriciaGoyer @Zondervan
  • From one former #teenmom to another: http://bit.ly/1GrBTxv @TriciaGoyer @Zondervan #mustread #amreading #encouragement
  • Having a baby is life changing, especially for a #‎TeenMom. Help a new teen mom realize there is hope. http://bit.ly/1GrBTxv @triciagoyer
  • Know a #teenmom? She is a child of God, not a mistake, nor is her child. Give her this book! http://bit.ly/1GrBTxv @triciagoyer



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