The Perfect Timing of God’s Provision

Perfect Timing of God's Provision
The Perfect Timing of God’s Provision

God takes care of those who take care of His people.

Do you believe it? I do.

Years ago we experienced this in our own family. In our home we had my husband, myself, our college age daughter, our high school age son and our one-year-old baby girl. For a season, our son and expectant daughter-in-law were living with us, too.

Then, I received a letter from my Grandma. She had lived with us for nine years in Montana and then moved away for a time. The letter said she was ready to move back in with us here in Little Rock. The problem was we were living in an apartment. There was no more room in our inn.

Then one day I was at my computer and I started wondering if there were any larger rentals that would meet our needs. I knew we couldn’t spend much more than what we were already paying, but we needed more space.

I started looking around and there really wasn’t anything out there we could afford … then I saw one rental and I was sure I was reading it wrong. It was twice the space of our apartment and only $100 more in rent. I emailed and got more information. John and I met the landlord and checked out the place. It turns out the house needed a little TLC, but in exchange for us fixing up the place we could rent it for almost the same amount as we were paying for our small apartment.

The landlord had only listed the rental for two days and I “happened” to look on the Internet on one of those days. There was actually someone else in line before us who wanted to rent it, but a few weeks later person ended up backing out. That worked out perfect because the extra time allowed us to fulfill the lease on our apartment!

Having gotten this house might seem like a little thing to some. There’s no way to know for sure that God was involved … or can I know? I know He was involved because I know my God.

I know that when we care for those who need care, He cares for us.

God provided just want we needed. Actually more than we needed. That’s the type of God I serve.

Prayer Request…

I’m still in Africa right now! Please join me in praying for the children in slums around the world and especially in Nairobi, Kenya. Please pray for the provision of the children affiliated with Awana Clubs International. Pray that their needs (emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual) be met.

If you feel led to donate to Awana efforts in Kenya, please visit

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  1. Tricia, I never see those things as small. God’s miracles come in all sizes, and a bigger house for practically the same price? Definitely a miracle designed just for you guys. Thanks for sharing!


  2. God absolutely cares about us: I Peter 5:7. This verse was our theme verse for sports camp last week so it’s very fresh on my mind.

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