Top Ten Reasons Why Homeschool Moms Need A Break

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Top Ten Reasons Why Homeschool Moms Need a Break

Top Ten Reasons Why Homeschool Moms Need A Break

(from Homeschool Basics)

Not that moms need a reason to take a break, but often we forget the importance of why we need one. Here’s my top ten list to help you remember to make mom-time a priority.

10. To have a parent/teacher conference—in peace.

9. To dress like an adult again—no yoga pants allowed.

8. To reconnect with friends and talk about things other than curriculum choices and homeschooling challenges.

7. To connect with other moms (from all walks of life) and realize you’re not the only one on this challenging parenting journey.

6. To enjoy uninterrupted conversation (unless you count the wait staff as an interruption . . . which we don’t).

5. To get away from the chattering kids, the multitude of questions, and the squabbling.

4. To finally have a chance to eat without someone stealing your food—or using it as a science project.

3. To fuel up and return happy and rested—a win for everyone.

2. For perspective on life. There is a great big world beyond the kitchen table.

1. To model for your kids what healthy living looks like.

Those are all good reasons, aren’t they?

Reason #1 made me stop and pause the most. As homeschooling parents, we know that what we model furor kids is just as important as what we teach. Maybe even more so! If we want our kids to become healthy adults, we need to teach them about learning, serving, giving, caring, working, rest, and recreation.

Mom, if you homeschool, you need a night out. Today, right now, take five minutes to plan when you can have one. It’ll help you and your family and will model for your kids what healthy living is all about. Consider it your assignment . . . and enjoy!

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