How To Use Your Skills for God

What about you? How do you use your skills for God?

What about you? How do you use your skills for God?

Have you ever wondered how to use your skills for God?

God created each of us for a purpose. The skills He gave you are not by random chance. He made you drawn to certain tasks for a reason. Is there something you love and enjoy? God no doubt gave you that pleasure so you can serve others with your skills.

King David in the Bible played his harp on the hills of Israel without getting paid. He did it because God had placed the love of music and worship within Him. And now, thousands of years later, David’s words and song are still impacting millions of people everyday as they read and sing the psalms.

“To the extent we are able to put others first is how effective our lives will be for Christ. It is through this kind of witness that we can lead people to salvation.” —Larry Burkett, Great is Thy Faithfulness, July 19

Four steps for using your {God-given} skills for His kingdom:


1. Consider, “What do I {really, really} love to do?” Think of the tasks that bring joy as planted there by God. What do they tell you about yourself? What do they tell you about God’s plan for you? He wants to use your skills to impact His kingdom. Embrace that!

2. Find others to {joyfully} journey with. When I first started writing, I had one friend who was on the same journey to be a published author. A few years later, I connected with fifteen more women (through a conference), and we shared prayer requests and praises through email. Having a support system strengths you. Walking with others on the same journey helps you to go farther, sooner.

3. Start as a {willing} learner. When I started writing I set out to learn as much as I could about the craft of writing. I attended conferences, checked out books, and joined online writing support groups. I made many mistakes and received a lot of rejections, but I learned from them. Being a willing learner has expanded my skills. And learning has become a good habit. I continue to learn and expand my skills.

4. Don’t get {too} discouraged. We never get as far as we wish as fast as we want to go. When I attended my first writer’s conference I was worried what would happen if TWO publishers wanted my manuscript. That makes me laugh now. At the time I’d just started writing, and I didn’t have the skills to craft a book. It took me many years to figure that out. Now, I’m thankful none of those first books were published! I did get discouraged many times, but during those times I turned to God. I grew in my relationship with Him, and He gave me the courage to continue.

Today, spend some time pondering these four steps. Consider how God designed you to use your God-given skills for His Kingdom.

When you understand your skills and how important they are, then your life makes sense and you can step into each day with kingdom purpose. God knows when you’re in your “sweet spot of service,” your work, words, walk and worship will draw others to Him! Not only that your life, and the lives of countless others, will forever be impacted for His glory!

What about you? How do you use your skills for God?

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  1. Good advice! I would only add that the first step is really to pray, asking God what he wants you to do.

  2. TMichelle says:

    It is difficult figuring out what skills I have. And the skills that I do have, I don’t do very well.

    • Everyone needs what you have to give!

    • Hi
      I know I don’t know you but I feel the same way at times and then I remember that I have an enemy of my soul and that he is a liar and seeks to devour me. What you are experiencing is not from YOU, it is not from GOD, you are awesome. Divinely created in HIS image, wonderfully & fearfully made. This is a spiritual attack and you have to rebuke the enemy in Jesus’ name when these thoughts pop up. God wants us to know how loved we are, He doesn’t make worthless junk that is useless. He created you with an utmost high calling that only you are designed to fulfill. Seek that out you never know what will come up 😉 Praying for you dear sister-Jenny

  3. What encouraging words! Thank you so much.

  4. I feel my skills are with writing, Though I have a difficult time with grammar. I’m never sure where to put the commas and stuff. . . Nothing has stuck with me as long as wanting to create stories has. When I’m not writing I feel as though I must.
    I do think God put this desire to write in my heart, and I recently committed my work to him. I’ve always had trouble finishing stories before, but after I prayed that my work would please him, I have been working on a story that is turning into an Christian based love story. I’ve never written one of those before. In fact, when I started writing I felt writing about God was a bit of an imposition. Why should I cramp my style, so to speak. I am guessing that I never wrote anything that pleased me very much because of my rebellious feelings towards God.
    Now that I am writing something I think is worthwhile, it is still hard to sit down and write. Though I do enjoy it when I get in the swing of things, I feel nervous and scared (I suppose) because inside I still wonder if I am that great of a writer. But God used a donkey in the Bible to get his message across. I suppose, if he desires it, he can use my work to do the same.
    Thank you so much for this post. It is very encouraging!

  5. Jovan Gash says:

    Wow. This is amazing! God is awesome isn’t He? Wow. I’m flabbergasted. I’m pretty sure that you know this, but by your obedience and dedication to your calling, it has inspired me to continue down the path of purpose God has pathed for me. Your obedience has moved me closer to my destination. The thing that hit me is that I’ve only read one of your posts and it has affected me tremendously. It shows me that if I continue to obey God myself then I will eventually affect others. Thank you again for your obedience to your calling and purpose in life. God Bless!


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