#WALKITOUT 011: Leslie Nunnery

In today’s episode, we’re chatting with Leslie Nunnery.

Leslie Nunnery is the co-founder of the Them Diligently Convention along with her husband David. There are six Teach Them Diligently conventions nationwide with up to 10,000 attending per event. God has given Leslie a strong burden to minister to Christian families to help support, encourage and equip them to disciple their children, protect their marriages, and serve God in the ways He has planned for them.

I hope you enjoy¬†today’s show. It’s so great to be back for season two! You can listen above or on iTunes! I’d love it if you shared with your friends!

Links from the show

Teach Them Diligently
Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus
Teach Them Diligently: Raising Children of Promise

This Week’s Walk It Out Scripture
Luke 6:40

A disciple is not greater than his teacher, but everyone when fully trained will be like his teacher.

Connect with Leslie Nunnery:
Teach Them Diligently | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest | Instagram

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