What Homeschooling is Really All About

What homeschooling is really all about

The number of homeschoolers has grown, and this leaves many people scratching their heads. Is this a cult? Is this a movement? Is this a fad? Before we dig into the how-tis of making homeschool work, let’s talk about what homeschooling is, and what it isn’t. After all, every good structure needs a strong foundation, and for us, a great homeschool is built by knowing the facts.

What Homeschooling Is . . .

Homeschooling is an educational choice. 

Many people believe that homeschooling is only about religious beliefs, but in truth, homeschooling is an education choice.

People who homeschool see it as an opportunity to give their children a more personalized and effective learning environment. Public school teachers try their best, but even they will tell you that teachers must teach to the median student. Many parents choose homeschooling because they want a specialized learning environment for their children.

I teach my children at the kitchen table, and I think they’re getting a great education. We don’t have a dedicated school room, and, yes, there is a multiple student-to-teacher ratio, but those things don’t seem to matter. Those things don’t impact how well my children learn. My kids live in a learning environment, which means their education continues long after we clock out of our school hours. And, yes, I can follow my religious beliefs, too. I can choose to teach the Bible alongside math, reading, and science. For John and me, that’s an important part of their education.

Homeschooling is a lifestyle choice.

Each homeschooler makes a lifestyle choice by going against the morn of public or private school. Some homeschooling parents shelter their children from popular movies, media, and music. Others choose not to. Each home is different. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the homeschooling home.

Yet no matter what choices you make in those areas, homeschooling impacts your lifestyle. Usually, there is one stay-at-home parent. The way you shop, spend time with friends, and work changes because you’re giving a large part of your day to your kids. That being said, there are so many aspects of everyday life that you can choose to be teaching times if you’re creative! Grocery shopping and running to the bank can be great lessons. You simply have to be imaginative and realize your lifestyle won’t look like those of most of the folks around you.

Homeschooling is a family choice. 

Homeschooling impacts every member of your family, including the children who are too young for school and the spouse who doesn’t do the majority of the teaching. Homeschooling should be a choice that both parents (if both are living in the home) should agree on. If both parents are excited and dedicated to homeschooling, their kids will often pick up on the joy of learning.

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  1. Hi Tricia,

    “To homeschool or not to homeschool” that is the question.

    I am in that question at the moment.

    I appreciate your grounded and balanced advice. Too often, peoples views are polerized and heated on this issue. It doesn’t help parents who want to genuinely figure out if it is right for them.


    Neve x

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