How to Effectively Use Time-Out as a Discipline Technique | Part 5

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When Time-Out is Finished

Did you miss a post in this series? Read parts one, twothree, and four.

So, now that you’ve effectively been using time-out, what do you do when the time is up?

  • After your child has been sitting quietly, the timer will sound. Don’t just let your child get down. Go to your child.
  • Ask, “Are you ready to obey?” If your child answers yes, then have him or her complete the task you originally asked him or her to do . . . and a second task.
  • After your child obeys, respond with praise. “I like it when you obey, Mommy. Great job in picking up the car.”
  • If the offense was against another person, direct your child to apologize.
  • Shortly after a time-out, discover something your child is doing right and PRAISE your child.

Time-Outs Outside the Home

In the beginning it’s important to only do time-out inside the home. But after a while, when your child does time-outs consistently, you can attempt a time-out outside of the home. It’s recommended to carry a small towel with you that you can use for a time-out . . . even in a public place! Just pick a corner, put down the towel, and go through the same routine.

This only works for a child who has been consistent within the home, but I’ve used it and it does work!

Remember: Praise More than You Punish!

As with all negative behaviors, the best way to encourage good behavior is to praise it! I find that the more I praise positive behaviors, the more positive behaviors I see! It’s important to catch your child being good often, and you’ll find yourself doing time-out less and less!

Well, what do you think! I’d love for your to try it and let me know your thoughts!

Did you miss a post in this series? Read parts one, twothree, and four.


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  1. Thank you so much for this time out series! Time outs in our home aren’t always very effective, so I’ll be trying these out very soon. I often forget to praise my son for good behavior, kind of feeling like he should just “have it down” by now, but this is a great reminder that people respond better to praise than punishment. Thank you again!

  2. Love this series on time outs. I was raised that the only appropriate form of punishment is spanking and while I have no issue with spanking and my son (19- months old) does get (non-abusive) spankings especially from his dad, when I spank him it doesn’t even seem to faze him so we decided I should try other forms of punishment and this series is just what I needed. Timeouts actually seem to get my son to obey me without having to get his dad involved. Thanks so much 🙂

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