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I received a note from a missionary in India who’s written character-building stories that reaches the demographic she’s trying to share the good news of Jesus with. She said that an American publisher told her there was no need for that type of project in the US and she was wondering what her next step should be. Here is my answer …

Hi Friend,

Thank you for your note! What you’re describing is something that works PERFECTLY for self-publishing. It’s a project not needed by the US market, but you see a great need.

1. How accessible is the Internet? If it is accessible, then an e-book would be perfect. You can write up your book, save it as a pdf file, and then post it on your website or blog. One example of an ebook I wrote is the study guide for Life Interrupted. You can find it here.This is a project my publisher didn’t want to put the money into producing, but I wanted to have available for teen mom support groups. I get no money off this, but it’s a great resource!

2. Another thing you can do is make an e-book and email it around to other organizations who might be able to use it. Offer it to them for free and then make a way for them to send a donation if they feel led.

3. Make copies and just start circulating them. Leave them around town. Visit schools and pass them out. Put contact information so people can contact you if they’d like more copies.

I hope that helps!

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