Why Zebra Socks Remind Me To Relax



Why Zebra Socks Remind Me to Relax

I should have anticipated what life was going to be like on my wedding day when John revealed that instead of wearing the perfectly suitable black dress socks that came with his tux he was wearing very bold zebra stripped socks.

John should have anticipated, too, when I was horrified. Mortified! What if someone saw? How dare he. I’d worked so hard to get everything just so.

That pretty much summed things up. I tried to get everything “just so” and John added an element of fun. It used to make me mad. I was uptight and I wanted to look good to those around us. Didn’t he know his goofy ways just messed things up? Things I was trying to proudly display.

Thankfully, I’ve eased up over the years.

I’ve realized that life doesn’t revolve around looking good in other people’s eyes. In fact, when I tried to display my life with too much perfection I was unapproachable. (I’ve given up trying.) Why would anyone want to be around someone who has everything together?

Over the years I’ve learned to laugh, and I realized my home, my kids, my work aren’t an extension of me. I’ve found out what’s in my heart matters more than how I dress or if my kids are wearing name brand clothes and have their hair brushed. Or if my husband is wearing zebra socks.

When did the change happen? It wasn’t overnight.

Why did it change? Because I sought freedom from Christ. Freedom from sin and worry and feelings of insecurity. No, more accurately, because Jesus revealed Himself to me in quiet moments and whispered that freedom was possible.

I tried to make everything look good because I wanted to prove myself. For many years, I was ashamed of being a teen mom. Even though I was forgiven by God, I carried around my sins like a rotten sack of potatoes.

Through time in God’s Word and through prayer, Jesus showed me He saw me as whole and beautiful. When I let friends into my life, they reminded me they loved me just as I was–for me–not for my image or kids or home or work.

I learned to laugh and discovered it was nice and freeing. What a gift the laughter was, I’m thankful I’ve learned to appreciate it.

What a gift God’s Word is when I take the time to open it up daily and allow Jesus–the Word–to work in my heart.

As for the zebra socks … we still have them around and they are sure to bring a smile.

Daily Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, 

Thank you for the memories that will make me smile for years to come. Thank you for lessons laced with laughter. Teach me to value what is in my heart and the hearts of those around me. Thank you for reminders to relax and experience the moment at hand.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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  1. Great article on zebra socks I liked it a lot and all of your articles are good ones to read as I start my day. Thanks chris

  2. I love wearing crazy socks. People now buy them for me all the time because it makes them think of me. Life is too short for boring socks. They cheer me up during the day and make people smile.

  3. What no tweet link to share !!! LOL This was so cute ! Don’t feel bad we didn’t dress traditional either !
    I would have surely cracked up !!! Love this article.
    Linda Finn

  4. Ah – trying to get things just so and having that element of fun thrown in. I have three boys, so this happens more often that any sane person might tolerate – so it’s a good thing I’ve never been accused of that ;).

    I have learned that if people are coming over to my house expecting or looking for perfection then they will find flaws no matter how “together” I have it. The people that are coming over to build and grow relationships will find beauty – even in the flaws.

    Thanks for the confirmation!

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