How to Work from Home, Eternally Impact Your Kids, and Get Paid to Inspire a Generation


How to Work from Home, Eternally Impact Your Kids, and Get Paid to Inspire a Generation


You have a dream . . . and more than anything you wish it could happen.

You’ve never wanted to see yourself on the silver screen or to become a millionaire by age thirty. Instead, all you wanted was to make a difference.

For many of us moms, the biggest difference we want to make is in the lives of our kids. I mean, if we fail at that nothing else matters . . . right? If we can raise kids who love Jesus—and dedicate their lives to Him—then a thousand of our prayers will be answered. It’s what we want most for them—to spend eternity with God.

But there’s another part of us, too, one we’re often afraid to talk about: the part that wants to make a difference in this world. We want to impact others, beyond the four walls of our home. We want to reach out beyond our town and maybe even our state. Hey, if we can make the difference in the life of someone from Kenya, all the better!

Wouldn’t that be amazing? To sit at home, love on our kids, and have our WORDS inspire someone else? Someone we will never meet on this earth, but can get to know in heaven?


Then . . . if we dared to dream even more . . . we’d wish that we could get PAID to do just that. These days money is tight, and it would help to contribute to the family.

To find out how I started to reach out to the world AND get paid, read the original post over at!

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  1. Tricia, this article is so wonderful. I’m thrilled to be learning from you things that I can use later, once I’m married and have kids. I especially like how your kids have gained so much knowledge of God’s love just from seeing you work on your books and spend your time serving Him. I hope to instill the same things in my family down the road.

    Blessings and hugs,

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